Rehomed Horses

A few of our rehomed horses...

Lily and Zola

Our beautiful Lily and Zola who were found abandoned in a scared and sorry state have now found their forever homes together with two friends!  

Lily in her new field
Zola with her new friend


Here is our lovely Bjorn in his new forever home bringing fun and love to this family 

Ronnie and Reggie

These two guys were originally dumped at a farm and when the elderly farmer passed away, his daughter-in-law approached us for help. They were certainly a handful but after a stay at the vets to be castrated and have microchips, passports, jabs and full health checks, they went to live with Max in Shropshire.

The boys were completely unhandled when they came to us and Max has certainly had her hands full taking on both of them. As you can see, she has done an amazing job and is hoping to show them next year. Happy, healthy, loved horses in a responsible home. 😊


Benny was rescued with three others who had been abandoned, he was extremely untrusting when he first arrived but in time became the most amazing pony, he is now very much loved by Karen 🙂


Our beautiful Noel came to us as a neglected, emaciated colt. He turned into a stunning gelding and is now so happy and loved by Amanda and her family, who also homed Gibson two years prior.

Our horses are usually rescued from such dire situations but end up in the most amazing homes for life.




Frankie (on the right) went to live with Wendy and Meghan with Tetley, who you may remember from our “white boys”, two years ago. They also adopted Charlie at the same time as Tetley, but sadly Charlie succumbed to his chronic laminitis and Wendy and Meghan had to make the heart breaking decision to have him put to sleep, after losing a long battle to overcome it.

Hopefully Frankie can help to mend Meghan’s broken heart as he is her pony. We are so happy that he has the very best home.