The SAFE ponies are physically cared for by a small group of experienced volunteers.  Financially the group rely on donations.


  • All donations no matter how small are welcome
  • All accounts are transparent and can be viewed on request if required
  • We are a ‘no profit’ group dependent entirely on goodwill donations and will be frugal with all monies spent


In addition to caring for our horses, we assist in local rescue cases often resulting in transport and veterinary costs.

There are many ways to help financially – either one-off donations; bank transfers; monthly standing orders to our community bank account with NatWest:

Account Name: SAFE
Account Number: 86299484 
Sort Code: 51-81-22

Or post a cheque made out to SAFE, to:  SAFE, PO BOX 3698, Wokingham, RG40 9QT

Before we are able to take in a new rescue we will reach out to supporters to ensure that all costs can be covered. We will also regularly run extra fund raising efforts when money is required for emergency cases or specific items, such as fencing, transport, specific items of equipment etc.

Sponsoring a ‘SAFE’ pony

You may wish to sponsor a rescue pony yourself, or sponsor an individual cost for a specific pony, such as feed, vets etc.  Exact costs cannot be predicted, but an indicative value would be ~£125 per month for the first 3 months. This includes:

  • Specialist high-nutrition feed and supplements -£35 – £50 per month
  • Hay – £30 per month
  • Bedding – £20 per month
  • Medication – £35 per month 


One-time costs upon arrival:

  • Intensive worming treatment – £30
  • Vet check (including blood tests) and probable medication – £62 visit charge plus treatment
  • Vaccinations £60
  • Possible dental treatment – £40 plus
  • Passport/Microchip £50
  • Castration (if a colt) £200-£80

SAFE volunteers will give their time to look after the pony daily, including feeding, mucking out, grooming them and handling them to get them ready for re-homing.

If you are interested in sponsoring a pony please contact us either on our contact form or by post.

For Businesses wishing to sponsor a pony or donate:  We have an active Facebook group of over 8000 members who are all very supportive of any sponsor of our cause.  We will repay your kindness by mentioning and promoting your business amongst our supporters, and can provide you with publicity material to share with your colleagues and customers if you require.