Our History
SAFE began after managing to save and subsequently re-home twenty two abandoned fly-grazed horses in Binfield (Berkshire) in the Winter of 2014. Sadly, another sixteen horses died before they could be saved. ​

What we do

  • Assist members of the public attempting to legally rescue an abandoned horse or pony.
  • Assist in locating Land Owners.
  • Advise Land Owners on their rights re: Control of Horses Act 2015 and serving ‘Abandonment Notices’.
  • Share our experiences and knowledge on this subject.
  • Physically assist with the legal removal of an abandoned horse or pony once notice served in the Berkshire & Surrey area.
  • Assist in finding temporary care for legally rescued horses and ponies.
  • Take in legally rescued horses and ponies for rehabilitation when space and support allows.

 What we can’t do

  • Rescue or remove a horse or pony which is not abandoned/fly-grazed illegally.