Saving ​Abandoned Fly-grazing Equines
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How can I become a SAFE volunteer?

If you can commit to a shift a week we would love to hear from you.   Our shifts are for a few hours from 9am and again from 3:30 pm each day.   You must have your own transport to and from Wokingham (Berkshire, UK) and be over the age of 18.  We will accept volunteers under the age of 18 provided they are joined by an experienced adult.  Just email us at and let us know your availability and experience with horses.

SAFE and all our wonderful horses need YOU and your time! Please consider becoming a SAFE Volunteer. DO IT TODAY!  Your efforts will be rewarded many times over by the joy and personal fulfillment that comes with knowing that you are making a difference and helping a cause that you consider worthwhile!

What sort of tasks do SAFE volunteers do?

SAFE volunteers primarily work in the stables and outdoor areas doing things such as: cleaning and mucking out stables and field shelters, spreading straw, shavings and hay in stables, cleaning and filling water buckets and troughs, cleaning feed buckets, filling feed buckets, grooming horses, bringing horses in and turning out, changing rugs, walking horses on lead reins as well as general yard maintenance.

I have no experience around horses. Can I still become a SAFE volunteer?

It is not necessary to have experience with horses, only to love them!  There are many chores to be done around the SAFE stable yard that do not involve direct contact with the horses (see list above).  If you eventually would like to do more hands-on work with our horses, this is possible as you gain experience and training from our helpful and capable lead volunteers.

Justine:  "I joined the SAFE Volunteers in July 2016 .  It is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things to do and all the team are just lovely and helpful.
I have a lifelong love of horses but not owned my own for many years, volunteering has given me the opportunity to spend time with the ponies and watch them blossom under the love and care SAFE provides and prepares them for their forever homes.
The work is diverse and you really do discover hidden talents and skills !!! There is nothing more satisfying for me than finishing a shift knowing all the ponies, chooks and cats are fed, watered and well and have had some fuss along the way.
I look forward to the next year with the SAFE family and making a difference for horse welfare."

Zoe:  "I have been at SAFE volunteering for a year now, I initially enquired for my horse-mad daughter Lilly-Mae, being under age it was agreed we could help if I attended with her.
We find the work very rewarding - it's great to watch the ponies progress from rescue, rehabilitation to eventually rehoming, although we are sad to see them go it's great to see them find their new SAFE forever homes and knowing you helped them along the way.
All the volunteers are lovely and great to work with we are like one big family, myself and Lilly-Mae are looking forward to another year at SAFE"

Trudie: "I joined SAFE only a few months ago but i have learnt so much. I joined as a volunteer to rekindle my love for horses and spend time in their company. It feels so rewarding to know you have contributed to rebuilding their lives that they each truly deserve. I couldn't ask for a much better group of people to work alongside. I look forward to the future with them and hope we can achieve some amazing things."

Margaret: "There's a great team of volunteers now and we are only sorry that having moved to Wiltshire in April, we're no longer a regular part of the team, but we do donate monthly. It's wonderful to see sick ponies rescued, looked after and brought back to health with love and medical care. They all have different personalities and you do have fun watching them flourish and play. "

What our Volunteers say

Vicki:  "I joined Safe because of my love of horses and decided it was so much more worthwhile than attending a riding school . It is so rewarding to see the ponies gain confidence in the human race and develop their own distinct personalities. Even if you can only devote a couple of hours a week, it is so helpful for everyone and allows us to keep the ponies in the lifestyle and comfort that they have learned to enjoy  ☺ Being part of this group where we all have a common goal and all love the ponies is very life affirming."

Stephanie:  "My reason for volunteering at SAFE was for my love of horses. I have been at SAFE for almost a year and it has become a big part of mine and my families life. All the volunteers are lovely and we're like a big family who all help each other out. We also have ex-battery chickens and 2 feral rescue cats who are not very feral anymore. I would highly recommend volunteering for SAFE and to top it off I gave up the gym and now get fit for free."

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart."

SAFE runs entirely on volunteer's time and effort.   Our volunteers are very special people, they come from all walks of life and all ages.   They offer their love, experience, talents and ideas, but most of all their sheer commitment to ensure that every horse that comes into SAFE care never faces pain, hunger or neglect again.

How much time does a volunteer need to give?

There are a few volunteers who come and help several times a week, faithfully, all year long. There are several volunteers who are able to give us one or two shifts a week, and some who can offer to be here once or twice a month.  All are valuable and appreciated for the time they are willing to give!